Geeks of a Feather Study Together!

Gear up and get certified! It can be challenging to keep up with the pace of technology changes. Come join us Monday evening for our Gear Up Study Group/Exam Cram session.  


Connect with others that are interested in the same technologies as you. Work together to get ready for one or more exams, and then take your exams during the summit.     

We aim to make the process more fun than ever. Chat about exams while you sip our signature libations!


Gear Up for Azure!

Azure is a very important platform for Microsoft. As MCTs, we need to be prepared to help our clients and students learn and adopt Azure.

At this year's summit, we will be offering a number of sessions to help you learn Azure and become Azure certified. We will start out with exam preparation sessions on Monday afternoon, and continue throughout the summit with informatve sessions.  

While you are here, take your free exam. Don't miss out!


Testing 1, 2, 3!

We  are pleased to announce that we will have an on-site testing center at the summit.

Joing us at the birds of a feather event to prepare, and then pass your exam!

Are you Certifiable?

Do you know Azure?  It's time to get certified. All summit attendees can take one of the following exams for no charge at the summit:

70-473, 70-475, 70-532, 70-533, 70-535, 70-537, 70-538, 70-774, 70-775, 70-776


Casino Night at the Hotel!

After three days of learning and networking, we are sure that you will be ready for some fun.

The NA MCT Summit isn't all fun and games! Wait, maybe it is! You, too, can win awesome prizes by attending events and earning MCT bucks to boost your chances at our CASINO NIGHT! Try your luck at the tables and better your chances. Have you registered??? #namctsummit